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Domain Names                                   For other Web services refer to side nav bar

We will register your new web address and have it hosted on our Domain Name Server for as little as $70 per year

We can discuss with you the options available and do a search to see if it is available, and then we will do the registration.

The right Domain name is very important to the success of your web site.

This will become part of your brand name so ideally your web address will reflect your business name, trading name or product.
A lot of people will try to guess your web address and type your business name into a search engine.
The best address is one that is most easily identifiable and memorable for your customers.

Some things to consider:

  • is it easy to spell
  • is it short and easy to remember sometimes it is better to use an abbreviated version of your name or just initials
  • how will your customers most likely try and find you
  • In many cases your customers may know your product or nickname instead of your business name, that might be a better choice

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