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With a phone connected known as Clothed Broadband

Free Connection

PlaNet offers all and every broadband service. We do not cap your speed or throttle back to dial up speed when you reach your plans data limit but instead charge $2.50 per gig of data used over your plans limit each month, this ensures that you receive maximum speed continually through the month. PlaNet was built on the foundation of data speed, i.e. we do not oversell our data capacity and undercut service quality for short term profit, PlaNet does now, and will continue to supply enough data capacity so that what you buy and pay for is what you get. While we provide this service as broadband is delivered on the Telecom network there is no guaranteed minimum line speed performance, no matter what plan is purchased. The line rate is the peak speed a customer can burst to, for short periods of time, not a full-time committed bandwidth guarantee. The number of concurrent users will impact on the speed that the end user experiences.

PlaNet Broadband Service
We are able to supply broadband services to you and manage them in their entirety, with all the support you need. After the connection is made You will deal directly and only with PlaNet for all your Internet services.

Terms Billing is in advance. Initial billing will be from the connection date to the end of the current month, plus the following month. We require an monthly A/P to be set up to commence on the 20th of the month following connection.

Terms of Payment is monthly in advance by bank A/P if you do opt for annual payment which we discourage, there is no refund if you cancel the service at any time during the billed period.

Current Broadband Clients
If you are wanting to change to a different broadband plan, choose new plan from above and contact us on 0800-752-638 or fill in this form

If you are moving to a new address, we can have the broadband shifted at the same time the phone is, if you contact us three or more days before the move, on 0800-752-638 or fill in this form
If you have already moved you will need a new connection. Please contact us on 0800-752-638

If you wish to remove your broadband service with PlaNet contact us on 0800-752-638 or email or fill in this form

New Connections please note
Wiring fees:
If a Telecom contractor needs to visit your premises and install line for Broadband, or install filter for a monitored house alarm, cost is $208.05

Over Data means you will be invoiced at $2.50 per Gigabit for data used over the chosen plan limit, during a calendar month. There is a usage meter at the top of each page on our site (Broadband usage meter) where you can check your monthly usage. Enter your full login(me@dil) and password.

New Connection Self install
Your phone line is enabled for DSL at the local exchange.
You need to install DSL filters onto every phone in your house.
You need to purchase and configure your DSL router.

New Connection PlaNet Technician Install
In Auckland area only.
Router and filters supplied configured with your login and network tested.
Technician will install on your premises.
Price negotiated with technician, depends on router chosen and time taken to do install.
To discuss cost call Gavin on 376 -3555

Any account that falls one month behind in payment will, after we have tried contacting the account holder be disconnected, and the debt handed to our debt recovery service.

In the unlikely event that your debt should be sent to our debt recovery service, please note that all costs incurred in recovering the outstanding debt will be at your cost.