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Dialup Connection to the Internet

Dial up connections are the easiest and cheapest way to connect to the internet, delivering a reliable, high performance service nation wide.

A phone call to 0800 752 638 can have you connected within fifteen minutes.

We have a very experienced help desk team that will assist you with any internet related problems. This service is free.

Every personal connection can have up to three email boxes and your own personal web site.

We have anti virus and anti spam filters that come as part of the service.

Terms of Payment is monthly in advance by bank A/P if you do opt for annual payment which we discourage, there is no refund if you cancel the service at any time during the billed period.

Any account that falls one month behind in payment will, after we have tried contacting the account holder be disconnected, and the debt handed to our debt recovery service.

In the unlikely event that your debt should be sent to our debt recovery service, please note that all costs incurred in recovering the outstanding debt will be at your cost.