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Posted on 31-7-07

Vince Is Free
By Alan Marston, 31 July 2007
Vince Siemer will be released tomorrow, 1 August and will walk out of Mt
Eden Prison saluted by many prisoners and prison guards inside and
supporters outside as a man who wouldn't back-down in face of corporate,
judicial and financial bullying.
I have been `reliably informed' that PTV is watched in Mt Eden Prison and
that after seeing our `Silencing Vince' programmes many prisoners and
their guards personally expressed their respect and support for his stand
and where they couldn't meet him, at times stood and clapped his presence.
Vince will be free, but the problems with the law and judiciary remain. We
have not heard the last of Vince. Only a judicial review of his case and
of the law on injunctions and parliamentary debate and law change will
unsilence  Vince and his supporters of which PlaNet is proud to be one.