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Posted on 9-8-05

PTV Programme Time Change
As of 15 August PlaNet TV on Triangle Television in Auckland will be
showing as usual every Monday but at new time of 9.30pm to 10.30pm.
This change has been made in order to secure a one hour slot, up from the
half hour that was from previous time of 8.30pm. PlaNet now has a need for
one hour a week due to the volume of programme material.
Showing Monday 15 Aug at 9.30pm will be a one hour talk by Michael
Parenti. Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author
and lecturer. He is one of the USA's leading progressive political
analysts. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have
reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad.
"A prolific author, a charismatic speaker, and a regular guest on radio
and television talk shows, Parenti communicates his message in an
accessible, provocative, and historically informed style that is unrivaled
among fellow progressive activists and thinkers." -- Aurora Online,
January 2004
"Here at home and throughout the world people are fighting back against
the forces of wealth, privilege, and militarism -- some because they have
no choice, others because they would choose no other course but the one
that leads to peace and justice." -- Michael Parenti
The talk on PTV explains in great detail the nature of a Neo-conservative
`global economy' and builds on that base to provide a surprising but very
believable explanation as to how Yugoslavia was invaded and taken over
rather than liberated.
Not to be missed.