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Posted on 28-11-06

Government Biten But Will Be Back
by Ray Clarke, 28 Nov06
We have just watched the pl programme on Triangle tonight. The content was
excellent and your persistence concerning Auckland Governance was very
There is no doubt at all that the ARC are up against the Auckland Mayoral
Forum none of whom I would want to run any business I owned. Councillor
Hughes from Manukau spelt out the nonsense about the ARTA which the
present overnment put in place at their behest and got rid of the ARC out
of the picture. The present PM is in my view to blame for that.
The ARC deserve a good deal more credit than they have been receiving as
they are the only Local Council prepared to stand up to the Government.
One of the important items over the Govt Waterfront Stadium was the
REFUSAL by the ARC to be involved with a project where the Government has
said publicly they would over ride the Resource Management Act for THEIR
stadium on the Waterfront.
Clearly the present Labour Govt consider themselves to be above the law to
over ride the RMa while they would not budge on the RMa for any one else.
The Stadium has bitten them for the moment but they will be back.