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Posted on 19-6-06

Double Vision
By Alan Marston, 19 June 2006
PlaNet TV screens `Double Vision' tonight on Auckland's Triangle TV,
9.30pm and also at same time and channel next Monday.
This programme interviews Councillor Neil Able who blows the lid on four
of Auckland City's Councillors who have reneged on election commitments,
sanctioning double-dipping of rates and water charges, conducted a
repressive undemocratic campaign against the Water Pressure Group and are
the cause of a seemingly inevitable split within the City Vision group
that they lead.
Whether you live in Auckland City or not the issue of water is central to
your life and as such you may well be interested in seeing how business
interests are usurping your right to clean affordable water in New
Zealand. After all it may be Auckland today, but it could be your city