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Posted on 24-5-05

Actively Radical TV by Satellite
People with dishes must have them pointed at the Optus B3 satellite. In
Australia that satellite is 356% North at a 22.5% vertical elevation.
Our service is a free to air therefor it would be a one off investment for
people setting up satellite receiver systems. Actively Radical TV  is made
up of a number of different groups - Art Resistance produces 1 hour of
programing per week which is broadcast 9.30pm  to 10.30pm Sunday nights.
Voices of Protest (which does the Green Left News and Palestine and Asia
reports) also does 1 hour per week Wednesday 9.30pm  to 10pm and Sundays 9
to 9.30pm. Community Focus does half hour per week  10pm to 10.30pm
Wednesdays. Resistance and Empire program does one hour per  week Saturday
7.30pm to 8.30pm and Actively Radical runs half hour  documentaries on
Wednesdays 7pm to 7.30pm.
What ARTV is up to.
We have now been broadcasting via satellite for 3 weeks and have moved up
to using 4 of our 5 hours of weekly broadcast time. Thanks largely to Jill
putting countless hours into program production.
For people who still don't have satellite access we are offering the first
2 Art Resistance programs (2 hours) on DVD. The Art Resistance hour  is
broadcast 9.30pm to 10.30pm Sunday nights. They are *Program 1* = Stan
Goff (US anti war activist) talking about GI  resistance in the US army to
what's happening in Iraq, a TJ Hickey
Solidarity action in Redfern and a visit to the Al Almeira bomb shelter
in Baghdad in 2001 which had seen a US bomb kill over 400 Iraqi civilians
during the first Gulf War and *Program 2* - Srilata Swaminathan's (Central
Committee member of the  Indian CPIML) talks at the Asia Pacific
Solidarity conference on the  situation in India today along with a 30
minute documentary produced by  Actively Radical TV about the Communist
Party of India (ML) activities in  Northern India.
This DVD can be purchased for $15 plus $5 postage and packing. Apart from
being interesting viewing purchasing this DVD will help cover  our costs
of 5 hours of weekly TV broadcasting. We must pay programming  fees of
$385 per week plus material costs and we're desperately in need  of
purchasing some microphones to assist us with our studio - Community
Focus, Palestine Report and Voices of Protest programming.
With regard our satellite TV station. The TV station reaches about 200,000
satellite dishes around Australia and New Zealand. We are on the lookout
for well made, progressive, informative and relevant programs to
broadcast. Any ideas regarding such programming or programming groups from
New Zealand would be appreciated.
John Reynolds Actively Radical TV (AUS)9564 1277