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Posted on 15-5-06

Analysis, A Personal Process
By Alan Marston, 15 May 2006
Hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand and many millions
internationally suffer from mild to moderate mental health problems and
treating them takes up about a third of GPs' time.
The socio-economic causes of such a massive issue are one thing, the fact
that too many people are prescribed medication as a quick-fix solution
another. The main thing though is what we can do as individuals to empower
our own health and well-being.
Talking therapies work just as well as drugs and people prefer them.
However talking to oneself is also an option, one that is in my opinion
the most effective yet least `prescribed' therapy. To that end I spent an
our in discussion with Auckland practising psychiatrist Dr Thomas
PlaNet TV screens the discussion tonight, Monday 15 May, 9.30pm on
Triangle TV and repeated next Monday night, same time same station.
Empower your self.