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Posted on 25-2-08

By Alan Marston, 24 February, 2008
Prediction... I know, the most illegitimate of thought's offerings but
nevertheless the basis of all scientific theorising. <Clears throat>
Hypothesis: Eco will come to mean Environmental Commerce Organisation.
Where commerce now means exploitation of anything
that feeds the social machine producing maximum private gain.
Experimental trials: Government loosens rules for all projects branded
`eco' without examining the medium and long-term affect on ecology and
Measurements: Monetary value of eco-projects authenticated by local and
state governance per year over next 5 years in the areas of eco-city,
eco-village, eco-housing, eco-farming, eco-manufacturing, eco-transport,
eco-health, eco-nutrition, eco-waste, eco-work, eco-tourism,
eco-recreation, eco-sex, eco-music, eco-fuel, eco-drugs, eco-education,
Proof: Monetary value measurements increase greater than the level of
growth in GNP in corresponding time periods.
Conclusion: Safe beat I'm right.