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Hear Andre Vltchek speak and present his film about the brutality of the
Suharto dictatorship where at least one million and possibly up three
million people died in the aftermath of the 1965 military coup led by
General Suharto, supported by the West. No records were kept and no
serious investigation done.
Until now Indonesia remains the most undocumented major country on earth
Almost no books or studies have been written about these events. The few
documentary films which were produced rely heavily on eye witnesses form
the West. One reason is the famous culture of silence.
Because of decades of political and religious brainwashing it is almost
impossible to find anyone in Indonesia capable of making a coherent
analysis of the situation. The majority of people have been taught to
believe that the Communist Party of Indonesia was responsible for the
coup, a coup which killed up to 2 million Indonesians.
Andre Vltchek is a Czech/American novelist, non-fiction writer and
left-wing journalist. He writes for several publications in the US,
Europe, Asia and Latin America besides running his own journal. He has
spent 10 years in Indonesia and managed to work with those few who
survived indoctrination, imprisonment and isolation to tell the story.
Where? St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby.
When? 7.30pm Friday 22 April 2005