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Posted on 24-12-10

Dear PlaNeteers,

It has been a tough year for many, a year of change. As for PlaNet, along with its partner company KC Internet (KCI) the year has indeed been hard, but productive. We will kick off 2011 in a very different place from that of just 12 months ago; one which we believe sincerely will be a very much better place for both us and for you, our valued clients.


For two years now Alex@KCI has been working full-time developing IPGO , our new IP management platform. "IP" is short for Internet Protocol, the "language" of all modern data and communications systems, including the internet, VoIP voice phone and online audio+video.

Our new platform caters for all the ways you may choose to secure a "line"' into the digital communications world, whether broadband (wired and wireless), copper-based or fibre-optic High Speed (HS) Ethernet , and it caters for all the needs you have as an end-user of IP services:

a. Online: it enables self-management of your own Internet use reports, costs and invoicing;

b. Modular: it can be used on either a PrePay or Internet Plan basis, VoIP, desktop and/or mobile, IPTV;

c. Competitive data charges: provided for international and national peak/off-peak periods, with Internet data provided at competitive rates - and including free off-peak national data;

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and as you are now on the IPGO platform, please go and see how your user interface looks and works: click on . Your login and password are those used on your broadband line.

PlaNet would welcome your use of IPGO, not only to monitor your use but to change to a lower cost PrePay format, with the ability to add a VoIP phone service for your home and/or office. Both steps would be of great assistance in lowering your Internet and phone costs. The addition of new service modules will be continual in the coming years.

If you are a more discerning broadband user whose needs are often frustrated by the highly contended and congested broadband service, we also offer as a High Speed alternative that:

a. supplies un-contended data (ie no more fighting in the pool for data speed);

b. is symmetrical (same guaranteed speed up as down); and

c. provides a simple regime of charging for data on per GB usage basis , reducing the cost of high speed Internet connectivity to the lowest in NZ and within reach of individuals and small businesses.

This is a first in New Zealand and is an innovative way to put high speed Internet within the reach of home broadband users and small businesses.

Email with your address, phone number, and your 1, 2, 5 or 10 Mbps data-speed requirement and a feasibility and costing will be provided for you to consider. Alternatively, as of 10 January in the New Year visit the new KCI wholesale services website at .

2. IProtecht

PlaNet's core network is supplied by our partner KCI. All this year KCI has been building a `parallel universe' that we call IProtecht . This carefully-designed and already-proven service provides customers with a must-not-fail security for their internet connectivity - so vital is this to the Internet user of today. So, how can KCI do what others only promise?

a. KCI now has two physically separate networks. Should one fail at ANY point between the client and their first point of international or national connectivity, the other will take over for all high speed clients who have opted to use the full IProtecht Premier service, and for all clients on Broadband who have opted for IProtecht Lite .

b. KCI has multiple, upstream providers of upstream Internet connectivity, with burst-on-demand and fail-over switching between them.

By taking up IProtecht you are not only securing your own continuity of Internet connectivity, but should there be others who depend on your network, you can enhance the opportunity to add value to your client's businesses and enhance your own profitability.

For more information see after 10 January 2011.

3. IP Media

Since 1999 when PlaNet's PTV began we have been preparing for mass media of all forms to be delivered on demand via the Internet. During 2011 PlaNet IPGO will have modules added that provide "TV-like" services at low and controlled cost via New Zealand-based servers.

Yes, 2010 has been a tough year, a pivotal year - and a productive year.

PlaNet staff wish you and yours the very best for Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Roger, Gavin, Vivienne, Richard, Alex, Theo, Mike and Alan

PlaNet Communications

24 December 2010