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Posted on 25-2-11

Beware Quake Scam websites
25 February 2011
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs says more and more scam websites are
emerging in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake.
The latest to be red-flagged by the Ministry claims to be a donation site
for the Red Cross.
It has received reports of a scam email, supposedly from the Red Cross,
which directs people to a fake phishing site, where users are asked for
their credit card details.
While the page has the same look and feel as the genuine Red Cross
website, it is clear it is a forgery because 'Christchurch' is spelt
incorrectly, the web address is long and not hosted by the Red Cross and
the payment page is not secure.
Yesterday it issued a warning about a scam email that is doing the rounds,
using a legitimate UK-based charity's organisation name and website
The Ministry says authorities are looking to close these sites as soon as
possible, but warn more will likely appear in coming days.
It advises people to type in website addresses themselves, saying people
should never click on any link in a spam email or open any files attached
to them.
People should never enter their personal details into a website unless
they are sure it is genuine.
New Zealand charities can be checked on the Charities Commission's register.