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Posted on 16-10-12

Manufacturing Goods, Unmanufactoring Jobs
By AM, 16 October 2012
Like everything in which money is involved - and that's almost everything in
the current globally economised world - manufactoring is a Class issue.
If you're of the Class that owns capital then manufactoring is going well
because there's more of it or if you are of the Class that does not own
capital then manufactoring is going badly because there is less jobs in it.
The great majority of politicians and their spin-masters are of or identify
with the capital owners and say manufactoring is growing and constantly
refrain, what's the problem?
Are the politicians lying? No, not lying, doing the 3 millenia old dance
that society is homogeneous, universally made up of business-minded people
and denying the painfully obvious fact that the vast majority of people were
long-ago rendered alien to business by lacking that which IS business, the
ownership of capital... surplus money.
The graph of manufactoring above shows that strictly speaking manufactoring
is growing in the USA (and lacking evidence it may well be it is growing in
New Zealand too), in contrast to the politically convenient anti-Chinese
spin that manufactoring has been stolen by China.
The graph of jobs in manufactoring below show that for working people the
trend is very bad, automation has and continues to greatly reduce the
jobs/wages/salarys in manufactoring.
It's a Class issue and so is the decision to pursue manufactoring money at
the expense of unmanufactoring jobs or to attempt to take a middle path or
to wait for violent revolt to unmanufacture both money and jobs.