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Posted on 3-8-2004

Whose News?

Aotearoa Indymedia Auckland With PlaNet TV
A beginners guide to  the relationship between  Democracy and News Media
Ownership in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Help Non-Profit Media Makers out by ordering a VHS copy, rather than
taping. For VHS ordering information, contact: Tel: 09
$15 non-waged / $20 waged / $75 institutions
Whose News?  is a 25 minute documentary exploring the  relationship
between News Media Ownership and the kind of News we have on offer in
Aotearoa New Zealand.
Presented as a Current Affairs style documentary, the programme engages
with the media forms of print, television, radio and internet. Principle
interviewees include:  Political Studies lecturer, Joe Atkinson;  Foreign
Investment Commentator, Bill Rosenberg; and the Editor of Scoop, Alistair
A key question raised by the documentary is:  What is the relationship
between democracy and the function of news media in this country? This has
implications for thinking further about local and global production of
'The News'.  Other topics engaged with include:  media ownership
structures; the impact of de-regulation and commercialisation; censorship;
editorial interests; media reporting of protest actions and the War on
Iraq; the implications of the TVNZ charter; and the role of 'alternative'
media in Aotearoa New Zealand.
The documentary was produced through the voluntary efforts of the Auckland
Documentary Collective, a not-for-profit group of media practitioners
engaged with the development of community access media. The Collective is
associated with IMC (Independent Media Centre) Aotearoa, a network of
media groups around the country who contribute to the maintenance of the
Open Publishing Indymedia News Website: