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Posted on 16-2-11

How Did They Get My Email Address?
16 Feb 2011
So you've been hit with a phishing or any one of a multitude of other scam
emails and you ask `How did they get my email address?' Well...
1. From your personal or business web pages. If you really really don't
want to be scammed then scraping your web pages or at least never have a
mailto: tag on your website
2. They get to you by way of your `friends'. Viruses download all email
addresses from an infected computer's address book and from the headers of
any email (i.e. all To, From, Reply To and CC addresses) from all folders
of Outlook (Express).  In other words all it can take is a friend of a
friend to get infected, once. All diseases are, in the final analysis,
social diseases
3. Don't ever give away your email addresses to sites for "free stuff."
There is no such thing as a free lunch - sometimes/often your email
address is on-sold
4. Common names are guessed.  John, Jane, Fred etc, so don't use your
common name in your email address