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Posted on 15-8-11

By AM, 15 August 2011
The Dutch in the 16th Century were the first to populate commerce with
that now ubiquitous social phenomena, the corporation, commerce with a
human face, commerce for the public good, commerce you were so proud to be
associated with that you and your fellow corporate members commissioned
paintings for posterity. That was a long time ago, things have changed,
the corporation is no longer there for people, it is people, a particular
type of people, the sociopath.
Like so many things to do with modern money a corporation with the rights
of a citizen and the obligations of a commercial instrument was pioneered
in the USA and then spread throughout the world on the back of the once
mighty $US. OK, if the corporation is a person what sort of person?
A sociopath, because:
1. A sociopath is a person whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a
sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Since a corporation is
about making the maximum return to its owners with all other obligations
further down the list then a corporation is by definition going to be
relatively unconcerned with society and absolutely lacking in a social
2. Like a sociopath a corporation has the rights of a person but does not
accept the responsibilities, constraints, obligations that go along with
the rights. This gives corporations and any psycho-sociopathic politician
willing and able to ride on their tails a peculiar advantage in private
commerce and public government, the advantage of confidence unfettered by
conscience, the advantage of the con artist and fraudster.
3. A corporation's perceived self-interest is the sole and only guide to
decision and action unrestrained by any empathy toward other people, just
as it is with a sociopath.
4. A sociopath being unconcerned with public or private social good nor
allegiance to truth nor a sense of guilt arising from a conscience, can
and do exploit any and every vulnerability in people and politics to
further their greed and gain. The same applies to Corporations.
5. Sociopaths are not averse to criminality if, as in the case of
publicity, it furthers their cause or they can get away without
prosecution. In much the same way a corporation's profit-motive will
justify any action whatsoever if it ends up increasing the magnitude of
the bottom line.
6. I have been told more than once by professionals in the psychiatric
profession that some of the most charming people they have dealt with are
psychopaths and/or sociopaths and any reading of history will quickly
demonstrate that far from being a barrier to political or economic or
military success socio-pathology appears to be a requirement.
So what's my point? Simply this, as Socrates said, there is no such thing
as evil, it is ignorance that causes so much trouble. So look a bit more
closely at the corporation man and the politician before you support them
with your dollar and your vote, beware the con.